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KANEBO Lissage Men is a Aromatic Cream body Cream 200g

  • KANEBO Lissage Men is an Aromatic Cream body Cream 200g
  • Provides high-quality collagen care
  • Gently nourishes and intensely moisturizes the skin
  • Prevents sagging and makes the skin soft and smooth
  • Contains vegetable collagen, aloe vera extract, and tea extract for added moisture and soothing effects
  • Has a pleasant relaxing scent of trees, flowers, and fruit
  • Suitable for problem (dry) areas of the skin
  • Made in Japan as part of the Lissage Men line from KANEBO
    • Product Description: The KANEBO Lissage Men Aromatic Cream Body Cream is a luxurious offering from the renowned brand Kanebo, providing high-quality collagen care. This gentle body cream nourishes the skin, delivering intense moisture to leave it soft and seamlessly smooth, preventing any signs of sagging. Infused with plant-based collagen, it enhances the skin's elasticity and suppleness. Additionally, the aloe vera and tea extracts provide soothing and anti-inflammatory benefits, ensuring the skin remains hydrated and free from any redness or irritation. The cream exudes a delightful and refreshing fragrance featuring notes of trees, flowers, and fruits. To use, simply apply an appropriate amount of the cream onto dry areas of the skin after bathing. This generous 200g jar is manufactured by KANEBO, a prestigious brand hailing from Japan. Discover the entire Lissage Men line from KANEBO by clicking here.