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KANEBO DEW Caviar Dot Booster, 40 ml

  • KANEBO DEW Caviar Dot Booster is a moisturizing booster
  • Contains moisturizing granules for easier absorption and firm skin
  • Hyalo Caviar ingredient with hyaluronic acid for deep hydration
  • Granules are crushed when pumped, spreads easily without stickiness
  • Light scent with green floral notes
  • Use morning and evening after washing, before applying lotion
  • Comes in a 40 ml volume bottle
  • Made in Japan by KANEBO for the DEW line
    • Introducing the KANEBO DEW Caviar Dot Booster, a moisturizing booster that will transform your skincare routine. This unique cosmetic liquid is enhanced with moisturizing granules, making it easier to incorporate into your daily routine. It provides deep hydration to the skin's surface, leaving it firm and supple.

      The star ingredient of this booster is Hyalo Caviar, a moisturizing compound that features hyaluronic acid grains reminiscent of caviar. These tiny grains infuse each cell with moisture, ensuring better absorption of active ingredients in your subsequent skincare steps.

      When you use the pump, the granules are crushed and mixed with the clear liquid, resulting in a smooth and non-sticky application. The booster spreads effortlessly across your skin, leaving behind a subtle green floral scent that is highlighted by refreshing hints of orange, lemon, and marine notes.

      This booster is best used in your morning and evening routines, after cleansing and before applying lotion. Simply take 2-3 pump strokes of the product onto your palm and gently apply it to your entire face.

      With a generous volume of 40 ml, this booster will last you a long time. It is proudly manufactured by KANEBO, a brand known for its commitment to quality. The DEW line is a collection of skincare products that prioritize hydration and luminosity.

      Experience the power of Japanese skincare with the KANEBO DEW Caviar Dot Booster. Let this booster be the key to achieving the radiant and moisturized complexion you desire.