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Kanebo Body Fresh Powder Milano Collection 2017 body Powder with SPF20 PA ++, 30g

  • Limited edition body powder from Kanebo Milano Collection 2017
  • Contains SPF20 PA++ for sun protection
  • Volume: 30g
  • Released by famous Japanese cosmetic house Kanebo
  • Features a new fragrance for the year
  • Theme of the powder is focused on dust for 2017
    • Introducing the Kanebo Body Fresh Powder Milano Collection 2017! This highly anticipated limited edition body powder from renowned Japanese cosmetic brand Kanebo is back with a revamped fragrance. With a sleek packaging and a weight of 30g, this product is the perfect addition to your beauty routine. And that's not all - it also offers SPF20 PA++ for added sun protection. Get ready to enjoy the new theme of dust in 2017 with this must-have body powder.