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Kanebo Body Fresh Powder Collection Milan 2015 body powder, 30g

  • Limited edition body powder from Kanebo
  • Released as part of Milano Collection 2015
  • Natural line with elegant fragrance
  • Gentle care and sophisticated scent
  • Powder with Sakura fragrance
  • Comes with a soft puff
  • Beautiful design
  • Made in Japan by Kanebo
    • Introducing the Kanebo Body Fresh Powder Collection Milan 2015 body powder, a limited edition release from the renowned Japanese cosmetic house. This new perfume and beauty collection pays tribute to the 25th anniversary of the Milano Collection, offering a natural line that combines elegance, tranquillity, gentle care, and a sophisticated fragrance.

      Experience the refined and elegant fragrance of Sakura with this body powder. It delicately envelops your body, leaving you feeling like you're being embraced by angel wings. The powder comes with a soft puff for easy application. Not only does it provide extraordinary beauty benefits, but it also features an exquisitely designed packaging.

      Made by KANEBO in Japan, this body powder is part of the Milano Collection line. Explore the entire line of products from KANEBO's Milano Collection by clicking here.