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Increase immunity Cold Out,60 tablets, 30 days, DHC

  • Cold Out is a dietary supplement designed to increase immunity and protect against seasonal colds
  • Contains a unique combination of natural ingredients including echinacea, propolis, white willow bark extract, and ginger
  • Echinacea stimulates the production of T-lymphocytes to prevent diseases and the spread of viruses and bacteria
  • Propolis has various beneficial effects such as wound healing and antioxidant properties
  • White willow bark extract is used for pain relief and reducing fevers
  • Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties and boosts immunity
  • Contains vitamin C and vitamin p
  • Easy to use, with 2 tablets per day
    • Increase your immunity and protect yourself from seasonal colds with ColdOut. This product is designed to strengthen your weakened immune system and keep your body healthy. Each tablet is packed with a unique blend of natural ingredients that work together to provide numerous benefits.
      - Echinacea boosts the activity of blood cells, stimulates T-lymphocyte production, and prevents the spread of viruses and bacteria.
      - Propolis offers antiseptic, analgesic, wound healing, and antioxidant effects. It also stimulates tissue repair and enhances the body's protective reactions.
      - Extract of white willow bark, a source of salicylic acid, has been used for thousands of years to alleviate joint pain and reduce fevers.
      - Ginger acts as an anti-inflammatory and tonic, effectively boosting your immunity.
      This effective formula also includes vitamin C and vitamin p. With ColdOut, you can easily shield your body from seasonal illnesses. Simply take 2 tablets daily, and each pack of 60 tablets will last you 30 days. Please consult your doctor before use and avoid consuming the freshness packet. Manufactured by DHC in Japan.