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Hydrophilic oil makeup remover,230ml,Shiseido 2 way off Oil

  • Hydrophilic oil makeup remover from Shiseido
  • 230ml volume
  • Effectively removes makeup while moisturizing and protecting skin
  • Removes sebum and dead cells, deeply cleanses pores
  • Suitable for all skin types, especially recommended for oily skin
  • Use dispenser to apply and massage onto face until makeup disappears
  • Made by Shiseido in Vietnam
  • Related to Japanese beauty rituals and cleansing system
    • Product Title: Shiseido 2 Way Off Oil Hydrophilic Makeup Remover, 230ml

      Product Description:

      The Shiseido 2 Way Off Oil Hydrophilic Makeup Remover is your go-to solution for effective makeup removal, moisturization, and skin protection. This unique formula not only effortlessly removes makeup, but also eliminates sebum and dead cells, providing a deep cleanse for your pores. Experience perfectly clean and refreshed skin with this oil makeup remover.

      No matter your skin type, our Shiseido 2 Way Off Oil is suitable for all. It is especially recommended for those with oily skin. To ensure its longevity, store this product in a dry and dark place.

      With a generous volume of 230ml, you can enjoy long-lasting use of this makeup remover.

      To use, simply use the dispenser to squeeze the desired amount of liquid onto your palm. Apply it to your face and gently massage in circular motions until the makeup disappears. Rinse thoroughly with water afterwards.

      This product is proudly manufactured by Shiseido in Vietnam.

      Interesting to read: Learn about Japanese beauty rituals and their renowned system of caring for the skin. Discover the two-stage cleansing system they utilize for exceptional results.

      Transform your makeup removing routine with the Shiseido 2 Way Off Oil Hydrophilic Makeup Remover. Achieve a fresh and radiant complexion effortlessly.