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Hisamitsu Analgesic patch FEITASU with pain in the shoulders

  • Hisamitsu Analgesic patch FEITASU
  • Effective for pain in the shoulders
  • Anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect
  • Effective for joint pains, muscular pains, bruises, and sprains
  • Stretches in all directions and adheres well to the skin
  • Can be worn under clothes and during sleep
  • Contains anti-inflammatory components including Felbinac and Vitamin E
  • Provides a cooling sensation to the painful area with menthol
    • Product description:
      Introducing the Hisamitsu Analgesic patch FEITASU, specifically designed to alleviate shoulder pain. This cool patch offers both anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, making it highly effective for joint pains, muscular pains, bruises, and sprains. It stretches in all directions and adheres well to the skin, ensuring it stays in place even during sleep.

      Featuring a tape infused with anti-inflammatory components, including 5.0% of the powerful Felbinac (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory), this patch also contains Vitamin E, which promotes blood circulation in the affected area. Additionally, the menthol in the composition provides a cooling sensation that helps relieve the pain. Its low odor allows for daytime application and comfortable use throughout the night.

      This patch is particularly effective for shoulder pain caused by a stiff neck or back pain, as well as for easing joint and muscle pain. Each plaster contains 5g of felbinac, 3.5g of L-menthol, and 2.3g of tocopherol acetate (vitamin E). It is recommended to use the patch no more than 2 times a day, and a detailed instruction manual with illustrations is included in the package. For best results, it is advised to apply a new patch after taking a shower.

      Manufactured by Hisamitsu in Japan, this product is a reliable solution to alleviate shoulder pain and improve your overall well-being.