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HABA VC-LOTION - Moisturizing whitening lotion with vitamin C 180ml

  • HABA VC-LOTION is a moisturizing whitening lotion
  • Contains vitamin C for brightening and whitening effects
  • Comes in a 180ml bottle
  • Produced by HABA, a well-known Japanese brand
  • HABA is known for using squalane in their cosmetics
  • Provides hydration and nourishment to the skin
  • Helps to improve skin tone and reduce dullness
  • Suitable for daily use
    • Introducing HABA VC-LOTION, a moisturizing whitening lotion infused with vitamin C. This product, developed by the renowned Japanese manufacturer of squalane-based cosmetics, HABA, is here to give you the ultimate skincare experience.

      HABA VC-LOTION has been carefully formulated to provide intense hydration while helping to brighten your complexion. The power-packed vitamin C content works to improve the overall tone and texture of your skin, leaving you with a radiant and luminous glow.

      With a generous 180ml size, this lotion ensures long-lasting moisture and nourishment for your skin. It is perfect for daily use, as it effectively locks in moisture, keeping your skin supple and hydrated throughout the day.

      Experience the magic of HABA's expertise in skincare with VC-LOTION. Unlock the secret to youthful, moisturized, and beautifully radiant skin with this exceptional product.