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Fancl Vitamin complex for men over 50, for 1 month

  • Fancl Vitamin complex for men over 50, 30 packets
  • Special dietary supplement for maintaining the health of men over 50
  • Contains vitamins and minerals necessary for proper body functioning
  • Combination of antioxidants prevents aging and protects cells
  • Ginkgo extract improves memory and attention
  • Nattokinase prevents blood clots and atherosclerosis
  • Oyster extract maintains masculine power and energy
  • Chitosan improves digestion and neutralizes excess fat
    • Introducing the Fancl Vitamin complex designed specifically for men over 50. Each box contains 30 individual packets, providing a one-month supply of this special dietary supplement. This unique formula consists of essential vitamins and minerals that promote optimal body function and overall health. With a powerful combination of antioxidants, it helps prevent aging and protects cells from harmful changes. The inclusion of Ginkgo extract enhances cerebral circulation, improving memory and attention. Additionally, the supplement contains nattokinase, which helps prevent blood clots and the formation of atherosclerosis.

      Moreover, the Fancl Vitamin complex includes oyster extract, renowned for its ability to maintain masculine vitality and energy. Milk Thistle extract offers liver protection, while the addition of curcumin aids in relieving hangovers and supporting the body's recovery after alcohol consumption. Chitosan, another key ingredient, aids digestion and neutralizes excess dietary fat.

      By incorporating the Fancl Vitamin complex into your daily routine, men over 50 can maintain their activity and vitality. Each packet contains a carefully balanced composition of various vitamins, such as vitamin E, C, and B, along with minerals like zinc and selenium. It also includes specific extracts like Ginkgo biloba, natto, and milk Thistle, providing additional benefits for overall well-being.

      To use, simply consume 1-2 sachets per day, as recommended. However, individuals with allergies to seafood, eggs, milk, soy, gelatin, or oranges should refrain from using this product.

      Each box consists of 30 packets, making it a convenient 30-day supply. Rest assured, this product is manufactured by Fancl, a trusted brand from Japan.

      Experience the benefits of the Fancl Vitamin complex tailored for men over 50, and seize the opportunity to maintain your health and vitality.