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FANCL Smooth Clear AC Complex for maintaining the beauty and youth of women

  • FANCL Smooth Clear AC Complex supports female health and helps regulate the monthly cycle
  • Contains vitamins, lactic acid bacteria, and zinc to strengthen the immune system, improve digestion, and improve skin quality and purity
  • Vitex extract relieves symptoms of PMS and balances hormones
  • Soy isoflavones balance hormonal background and alleviate symptoms like hot flashes and irritability
  • Cossack and kiwi extract regulate water balance, improve skin texture, and eliminate acne and post-acne signs
  • Nutritional information includes soy isoflavones, Vitex extract, lactic acid bacteria, kiwi seed extract, licorice extract, and various vitamins and zinc
  • Precautions include not using if pregnant or breastfeeding, avoiding other isoflavone-containing preparations, and being aware that the monthly cycle may change
  • Take 2 tablets daily with water, each bottle contains 60 tablets for 30 days and is manufactured by FANCL in Japan
    • Introducing FANCL Smooth Clear AC Complex, the ultimate solution for maintaining the beauty and youth of women. This complex is specifically designed to support the overall health of the female body, regulate the monthly cycle, and alleviate the symptoms of menstruation.

      With a blend of vitamins, lactic acid bacteria, and zinc, this powerful complex works wonders for your immune system, digestion, and the quality and purity of your skin. No more worrying about irregular menstrual cycles or unpleasant symptoms. Our special ingredient, Vitex extract, targets the balance of hormones and effectively relieves the manifestations of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), including swelling, rashes, and irritability.

      But that's not all. The inclusion of soy isoflavones, rich in estrogens, brings additional benefits to your hormonal balance. Say goodbye to hot flashes, sweating, and irritability. Our unique combination of Cossack and kiwi extract will do wonders for your skin, regulating water balance, improving texture, and eliminating signs of acne and post-acne.

      Each serving of FANCL Smooth Clear AC Complex provides you with essential nutrients, including soy isoflavones (13mg), Vitex extract powder (4.8mg), vegetable lactic acid bacteria (50 billion CFU), kiwi seed extract powder (50mg), licorice extract (45mg), vitamin B2 (12.0mg), vitamin B6 (10.0mg), vitamin C (100mg), and zinc (4.0mg).

      Rest assured, our product is made with the highest quality ingredients, including sterilized lactic acid bacteria powder, kiwi seed extract powder, Cossack extract, zinc, starch, soybean extract powder, Vitex extract powder, cellulose, vitamin C, licorice extract, vitamin B6, vitamin B2, hydroxypropyl cellulose, and fine silicon dioxide.

      Please note that this product is not intended for use during pregnancy or while breastfeeding, and should be kept out of reach of children. Depending on your physical constitution, the monthly cycle may change, so be mindful of that. Additionally, avoid taking this complex with other preparations containing isoflavones.

      For optimal results, take 2 tablets daily with water. Each bottle contains 60 tablets, which will last you for 30 days. Rest assured, FANCL is the manufacturer of this exceptional product, and it originates from Japan, known for its commitment to quality and innovation.