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FANCL Blueberry MIERUNE (for EYE) 60tablets/30days

  • Fancl Blueberry MIERUNE for Eye tablets (60 tablets for 30 days)
  • Contains blueberries collected from the North of Europe
  • Rich in anthocyanins (160mg for 2 tablets)
  • Relieves eye strain, recommended for office workers and those with constant eye strain
  • Protects damaged cells and restores rhodopsin
  • Helps restore poor eyesight, fights aging, and improves blood circulation
  • Composition includes bilberry extract and black currant extract
  • Precautions for hypersensitivity, phenylketonuria, and severe kidney issues
    • Introducing the FANCL Blueberry MIERUNE (for EYE) tablets - the perfect solution for relieving eye strain and improving vision. Our blueberries are carefully sourced from the North of Europe, ensuring they are packed with rich anthocyanins, with each tablet containing 160 mg. Anthocyanins in blueberries effectively alleviate eye strain, making them a must-have for office workers and individuals who constantly experience eye fatigue.

      Not only does this product protect damaged cells, but it also restores rhodopsin, an important component for visual function. The lack of rhodopsin can lead to eyestrain and poor vision, so the anthocyanins in blueberries work wonders in restoring and improving eyesight. Moreover, they have anti-aging properties and help improve blood circulation.

      Each tablet contains bilberry extract (160 mg, with 36% anthocyanins) and black currant extract (20 mg, with 10% anthocyanins). Simply take 2 tablets per day as directed. However, please note that individuals with hypersensitivity, phenylketonuria, or severe kidney problems should exercise caution. As this is not a drug, it is always advisable to consult your doctor before use.

      Each package contains 60 tablets, which is enough for 30 days. Manufactured by FANCL, a trusted brand from Japan that prioritizes quality and efficacy. So why wait? Experience the benefits of FANCL Blueberry tablets and give your eyes the care they deserve!