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Fancl Beauty Rise Anti-Aging Vitamin Complex, 30 days

  • Fancl Beauty Rise Anti-Aging Vitamin Complex
  • Helps combat premature aging
  • Contains apple polyphenol for increased blood vessel resistance and improved blood circulation
  • Includes HTC collagen for moisturizing and elasticity of the skin
  • Rosebud extract tones the skin and tightens the face
  • Powerful antioxidants Vitamin C and hydroxytyrosol safeguard youth and healthy cells
  • Composition includes various ingredients such as polyphenol, collagen, hydroxytyrosol, L-cystine, and Vitamin C
  • Take 6 tablets per day, divided into several doses, after meals
  • 180 pieces in a pack, for 30 days
  • Made by Fancl in Japan
    • Introducing the Fancl Beauty Rise Anti-Aging Vitamin Complex, 30 days. This powerful product is designed to combat premature aging and help women maintain their youth, beauty, and overall health.

      Featuring apple polyphenol, a potent natural antioxidant, this complex strengthens blood vessels, improves circulation, and prevents the accumulation of fat around organs. Each tablet also contains HTC collagen, which hydrates the skin, enhances elasticity, and benefits ligaments and muscle tissue. Additionally, rosebud extract tones the skin, lifts sagging areas, and firms the face's contours.

      With the inclusion of vitamin C and hydroxytyrosol, this complex safeguards the youth and vitality of cells throughout the body. Hydroxytyrosol, derived from the leaves and fruits of the olive, is the most powerful polyphenol known, surpassing the effects of green tea and coenzyme Q10 by 15 and 3 times, respectively.

      The composition of each six-tablet serving includes 10 mg of apple polyphenol extract, 10 mg of rosebud extract, 1000 mg of HTC collagen, 20 mg of hydroxytyrosol, 240 mg of L-cystine, and 300 mg of vitamin C.

      To achieve optimal results, take six tablets daily after meals, either all at once or divided into multiple doses throughout the day. Each package includes 180 tablets, providing a 30-day supply.

      Manufactured by Fancl in Japan, this anti-aging vitamin complex is your key to maintaining youthful beauty and vitality.