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Eyeshadow Shiseido Integrate Gracy Eye Color

  • Shiseido Integrate Gracy Eye Color is a Japanese cosmetic product
  • It is part of the Shiseido Integrate Gracy line, which helps hide fine lines and refresh the skin
  • The eyeshadow has a silky texture and is easy to apply
  • It comes in a package with two colors: one for the mobile eyelid and another darker shade for the outer corner of the eye
  • There are 10 different color combinations available
  • The manufacturer is Shiseido, a world-famous cosmetic giant
  • The entire Shiseido Integrate line can be seen on their website
  • The product is made in Japan
    • Introducing the Eyeshadow Shiseido Integrate Gracy Eye Color! Did you know that most of Shiseido's products are not widely available outside of Japan? But now, you can get your hands on your favorite Japanese beauty tools too!

      The Shiseido Integrate Gracy line is designed to help conceal fine lines, freshen and smooth the skin, and effortlessly create stylish accents. It's makeup for women who want to stay beautiful at any age!

      Enhance the beauty of your eyes in a whole new way with the Eyeshadow Shiseido Integrate Gracy Eye Color. Its silky texture allows for easy and quick application. The package includes two colors - the main shade to apply on the mobile eyelid, and a darker accent to add depth to the outer corner of the eye.

      With the Shiseido Integrate Gracy Eye Color, you have 10 different color combinations to choose from! Perfect for experimenting and creating your desired eye-catching looks.

      This product is proudly manufactured by Shiseido, a renowned cosmetic giant from Japan. Don't miss out on exploring the entire line from Shiseido Integrate. Experience the beauty secrets of Japan firsthand!

      Country of origin: Japan.