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DHC Soap Hip Hip soap with peach and gonyak body scrub, 80g

  • DHC Soap Hip Hip soap with peach and gonyak body scrub, 80g
  • Designed for the lower body to cleanse, tighten and strengthen the skin of the hips
  • Lightens the skin and age spots, improves skin structure and regeneration processes
  • Peach extracts moisturize, nourish and provide vitamins to the skin
  • Contains AHA acid for gentle cleansing and removal of dirt and dead skin cells
  • Includes moisturizing ingredients such as fruit extract, rice bran, aloe Vera juice and Biwa leaf extract
  • Regular use improves skin condition, making it smooth, firm and elastic
  • Pleasant peach flavor, application by rubbing on wet skin or sponge and massaging the skin of the buttocks and hips
    • Introducing the DHC Soap Hip Hip soap with peach and gonyak body scrub, weighing 80g. Designed specifically for the lower body, this soap gently cleanses the skin, tightens and strengthens the hips, lightens the skin and age spots, and improves overall skin structure and regeneration processes, ultimately prolonging youth and beauty.

      Enriched with peach extracts, this soap offers moisturizing, nourishing, and vitaminizing effects. It tightens and enhances skin elasticity, reduces irritation and inflammation, and provides deep hydration and nourishment.

      The scrub also contains AHA acid, known for its softening properties. This acid effectively cleanses the skin, removing dirt and dead cells, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

      Further enriched with fruit extract, rice bran, aloe Vera juice, and Biwa leaf extract, this soap is packed with moisturizing ingredients.

      Regular use of the Hip DHC Soap noticeably improves the condition of the skin, leaving it smooth, firm, and elastic. With its pleasant peach fragrance, the soap ensures a delightful bathing experience.

      To use, simply rub the soap on wet skin or a sponge to create a rich lather. Pay extra attention to the hips and consider massaging the buttocks intensively.

      The soap ingredients include extract mixed with soy flour extract, hyaluronic acid, fermented pink honey, fruit extract, rice bran, aloe Vera juice, extract of Biwa leaves, kiwi extract, peach leaf extract, seed extract peach leaf extract, Mel, arc, citric acid, lactic acid, malic acid, glycerin, glucose, BG, sodium chloride, EDTA-4Na, heteronomy acid, heteronomy acid 4Na, iron oxide, and fragrance. It is free from Parabens!

      This product comes in a convenient 80g size and is made by the trusted brand, DHC, in Japan.