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DHC Rich & Moisturizing Lotion Face lotion moisturizer for men 150 ml

  • DHC Rich & Moisturizing Lotion is a face lotion moisturizer designed for men
  • High-quality product line based on vegetable ingredients and advanced technology
  • Deeply penetrates into the skin to provide nourishment and rejuvenation
  • Not only moisturizes the face but also helps whiten pigment spots
  • Contains ingredients such as soybean extract, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin E
  • Made by DHC, a well-known manufacturer of skincare products
  • Part of the DHC for MEN line
  • Made in Japan
    • Product Title: DHC Rich & Moisturizing Lotion Face Lotion Moisturizer for Men 150 ml

      Product Description:
      Introducing the DHC Rich & Moisturizing Lotion Face Lotion, an exceptional moisturizer designed exclusively for men. Formulated with the finest vegetable-based ingredients and advanced technology, this high-class product line from DHC for Men aims to deliver effective and deep nourishment for healthier and rejuvenated skin.

      Not only does this face lotion provide intense hydration, but it also helps in reducing the appearance of age-related pigment spots, granting a brighter complexion.

      Ingredients such as water, glucose, ascorbyl sodium phosphate, Phenoxyethanol, soybean extract, white willow bark, citric acid, calcium pantothenate, sodium citrate, hyaluronic acid, water soluble collagen, hydrogenated lecithin, vitamin E acetate, and hydrogenated castor oil ensure optimal results.

      Experience the quality and excellence of DHC, a trusted brand from Japan, with their exclusive line for men, DHC for MEN.

      Country of Origin: Japan