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DHC PQQ + Q10 30 days

  • DHC PQQ + Q10 is a 30-day complex designed to improve cognitive function and prevent age-related brain diseases
  • Contains PQQ, a valuable nutrient for the brain, with high antioxidant activity and the ability to create new mitochondria
  • Coenzyme Q10 enhances the effects of PQQ and other components in the formula to improve brain function
  • Helps preserve the activity and health of the brain and prevent premature cell aging
  • Supports the transfer of energy in mitochondria and overall youthfulness of the body
    • Introducing DHC PQQ + Q10 30 days, a comprehensive formula designed to support brain health and promote overall youthfulness. This powerful complex is specifically formulated to preserve brain activity, improve cognitive function, and prevent age-related brain diseases and premature cell aging.

      The key ingredient, PQQ (pyrroloquinoline), is a highly valuable nutrient for the brain known as "brain food." PQQ not only exhibits strong antioxidant properties but also stimulates the production of new mitochondria, the energy powerhouses of our cells. Combined with Coenzyme Q10, this formula enhances the effects of PQQ and supports optimal brain function.

      Experience the benefits of this unique complex and safeguard the health of your brain while maintaining your youthfulness. Invest in DHC PQQ + Q10 30 days and unlock your cognitive potential.