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DHC Perilla Seed Oil Perilla Seed Oil for asthma and allergies, course 1 month

  • DHC Perilla Seed Oil Perilla Seed Oil is a 1 month course for asthma and allergies
  • Contains polyunsaturated fatty acids – linolenic and linoleic
  • Normalizes production of immunoglobulin type E (IgE) in allergic people
  • Recommended for allergic rhinitis, asthma, allergies, eczema, food allergies, and more
  • No side effects or contraindications
  • Helps reduce blood cholesterol and prevent blood clots in blood vessels
    • Product Title: DHC Perilla Seed Oil - Course for Asthma and Allergies: 1 Month

      Product Description:

      Discover the incredible benefits of DHC Perilla Seed Oil for asthma and allergies with our 1 month course.

      Containing a powerful combination of perilla oil, flaxseed oil, and fish oil, this product is rich in linolenic and linoleic polyunsaturated fatty acids.

      Perilla oil plays a vital role in normalizing the production of immunoglobulin type E (IgE), which is often excessive in allergic individuals. In fact, after just 20 days of taking Perilla oil, the levels of IgE have been observed to decrease by more than 60%!

      Recommended for a range of allergic conditions, including allergic rhinitis, asthma, allergies to dust mites, pet dander, bird feathers, eczema, atopic dermatitis, food allergies, chronic bronchitis of an allergic nature, and tearing of allergic nature, Perilla oil is a safe and effective alternative. Unlike antihistamines and corticosteroids, it is free from side effects and contraindications.

      But that's not all! Thanks to its high content of alpha-linolenic acid, Perilla oil also helps to reduce blood cholesterol levels and prevents the formation of blood clots when used internally.

      By choosing DHC Perilla Seed Oil, you are not only taking a proactive step towards managing your asthma and allergies but also promoting overall cardiovascular health. Don't miss out on this exceptional natural solution!