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Day emulsion with a light texture Revital Granas Clear Emultion , SHISEIDO

  • Revital Granas is a luxury anti-aging skincare line by Shiseido
  • The day emulsion has a light texture and helps increase firmness and elasticity
  • Contains hyaluronic acid, marine collagen, and protein Fibrin 5 for maintaining elastic tissue
  • Includes an extract of winged bean to stimulate production of Fibrin 5
  • Best used with the Clear Lotion for complete skin care
  • Suitable for normal to oily and dry skin types
  • Absorbs quickly and has a cool scent
  • Comes in a 110 ml bottle, made in Japan
    • Introducing the Day Emulsion with a Light Texture Revital Granas Clear Emulsion by SHISEIDO. This luxurious product is a part of the progressive Revital Granas line, which offers high-quality anti-aging skincare to enhance firmness and elasticity.

      Formulated with hyaluronic acid, marine collagen, and special active ingredients like protein Fibrin 5 and extract of winged bean, this emulsion strengthens the skin, preventing sagging and maintaining elasticity. It also contains a rich Botanical complex for added nourishment.

      The silky emulsion easily replaces a cream and deeply moisturizes the skin, restoring smoothness, firmness, and elasticity. For best results, it is recommended to use this product in combination with the Clear Lotion. Together, they provide complete and sufficient skincare for normal and combination skin types. The emulsion can be applied morning and evening, even around the eyes.

      With marine collagen, proprietary extract of winged bean, and extract of tea leaves, this emulsion has a non-sticky formulation and a subtle cooling scent. It gets absorbed within a minute, making it convenient for daily use. To apply, gently massage the emulsion with a cotton pad or your hands.

      One downside is that the product may run out quickly, lasting around 2-2.5 months.

      Shiseido Revital Granas is a luxury brand of skincare targeting the first signs of aging, and unfortunately, it is not widely available outside of Japan. It combines cutting-edge technology with high-class enjoyment. Shiseido researchers have discovered the importance of elastic tissue for skin's elasticity, which only comprises 2% of the skin. Through their innovative approach, they isolated the structure of the elastic tissue, which is primarily made up of protein fibrin 5. With age, the skin loses fibrin 5, resulting in reduced size and hollowness of the elastic tissue fibers. Shiseido found that the extract of winged bean is highly effective in stimulating the production of fibrin 5, giving the skin a youthful appearance.

      The Revital Granas line contains this extract along with other beneficial ingredients, although it is not necessary to use the entire range for effective results.

      Suitable for normal-oily and dry skin types, this product comes in a 110ml volume and is manufactured by SHISEIDO. Experience the luxury and technology of Shiseido Revital Granas, a brand that originated in Japan and is highly sought after worldwide.

      Discover the entire line of Shiseido Revital Granas here and indulge in the perfect combination of technology and high-class skincare. Originating in Japan, this line provides effective solutions for the first signs of aging.