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Children's tooth gel with 6 months+ , 40 ml, Pigeon

  • Children’s tooth gel for ages 6 months+
  • 40 ml size
  • Pigeon brand, a leading Japanese manufacturer of products for newborns and nursing mothers
  • Gel made from dietary components to strengthen and protect teeth
  • Does not contain abrasive particles that can damage enamel
  • Contains minimal fluoride (0.01%) and xylitol to avoid adverse reactions
  • Recommended for use from the beginning of teething
  • Made in Japan
    • Introducing the Children's Tooth gel from Pigeon, perfect for little ones aged 6 months and above. Just like adult teeth, babies' teeth also require daily care to ensure a lifetime of beautiful smiles. Pigeon, a renowned Japanese brand symbolized by two hearts, understands the importance of a mother's love in protecting her baby's tiny heart. As a leading manufacturer of products for newborns and nursing mothers, Pigeon brings you a tooth gel specially designed to cater to your child's oral health needs.

      This gel is formulated with gentle dietary components that not only clean but also strengthen the teeth, providing essential protection against decay. Unlike regular toothpastes, it is free from abrasive particles, ensuring that the enamel of your little one's milk teeth remains intact. Considering that children tend to swallow toothpaste, the gel contains only a minimal amount of fluoride (0.01%) and is enriched with xylitol, which prevents acid formation and minimizes the risk of adverse reactions.

      Starting from the first signs of teething, this tooth gel is recommended for regular use. With a size of 40 ml, it offers a convenient and long-lasting solution for your child's oral hygiene routine. Manufactured by Pigeon, a trusted brand from Japan, this tooth gel guarantees quality and safety for your little one's delicate teeth.

      Invest in the Children's Tooth gel from Pigeon to ensure the healthy development of your child's dental care habits. Made with care, backed by science, and originating from Japan, it's the perfect choice for your little one's precious smile.