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Children's forceps, suitable for use from birth , Pigeon

  • Children’s forceps suitable for use from birth
  • Designed for the care of the nose and other sensitive places
  • Rounded tip for safety
  • Made of plastic to ensure hygiene as it does not rust
  • Comes with a convenient cap for storage
  • Manufactured by Pigeon
  • Made in Japan
    • Product Name: Children's Forceps, Suitable for Use from Birth by Pigeon

      Product Description:
      Introducing our Children's Forceps by Pigeon - a perfect tool for the gentle care of your little one's nose and other delicate areas. With its rounded tip, you can rest assured that your child will be safe from any discomfort.

      These forceps are made of hygienic plastic, ensuring that there is no risk of rusting. The convenience is further enhanced with the inclusion of a handy cap for secure storage when not in use.

      Manufactured by Pigeon, a trusted brand known for its excellence, these forceps are designed to meet the highest quality standards. Rest easy knowing that they are crafted with utmost care in Japan, ensuring the best for your child.

      Care for your child with precision and peace of mind - choose Pigeon's Children's Forceps today!