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Ag + New Silver Ions Deodorant Stick Scent Baby Powder, 20 g, SHISEIDO

  • Ag + New Silver Ions Deodorant Stick Scent Baby Powder
  • 20 g size
  • Kills bacteria that cause sweat odor for 24 hours
  • Does not close pores
  • Contains silver ions to prevent bacteria growth
  • Apply to clean, moistened skin for best results
  • Manufactured by SHISEIDO
  • Made in Japan
    • Introducing the Ag + New Silver Ions Deodorant Stick with a delightful Baby Powder scent. This 20g deodorant by SHISEIDO is specifically designed to combat bacteria that causes unpleasant odors, providing 24 hours of freshness. Unlike other deodorants, it does not clog pores, ensuring that your skin can breathe freely. The secret lies in the silver ions, which effectively eliminate sweat-related bacteria and prevent their reoccurrence. For optimal performance, apply the deodorant to clean, moistened skin, preferably right after a shower. Manufactured by SHISEIDO in Japan, this deodorant is the epitome of quality and effectiveness. Say goodbye to unwanted odors and hello to long-lasting freshness with Ag + New Silver Ions Deodorant Stick.