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Vitamin eye drops Rohto Vita 40α

  • Used for prevention and treatment of eye fatigue and redness caused by stress and external factors
  • Relieves itching and eye fatigue, rejuvenating and relieving the eyes
  • Whitens the sclera, making the eyes brighter
  • Relieves discomfort and prevents infections after swimming and contact with dust and other adverse effects
  • Removes foreign substances and keeps the eyes clean and comfortable
    • Product Description: Introducing Rohto Vita 40α Vitamin Eye Drops, designed to effectively prevent and treat eye fatigue and redness caused by prolonged stress and external factors.

      Experience instant relief from itching and eye fatigue, as these eye drops work to rejuvenate and soothe your eyes.

      Not only do these drops relieve redness of the sclera, but they also provide a whitening effect, leaving your eyes looking brighter and more vibrant.

      With the ability to alleviate discomfort and prevent infections after swimming or being exposed to dust and other adverse factors, these eye drops ensure your eyes are well taken care of.

      Say goodbye to dryness and irritation with Rohto Vita 40α Vitamin Eye Drops, the ultimate solution for maintaining healthy and revitalized eyes.