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SK-II MEN BRIGHTENING SERUM Brightening serum 30g

  • SK-II Men Brightening Serum, 30g
  • Contains Pitera®, a blend of vitamins, minerals, organic and amino acids
  • Improves regeneration of skin cells and restores pH balance
  • Skin becomes smooth, elastic, bright, and clear
  • Powerful combination of Pitera® and Vibrant Bright Complex™ improves tone and texture
  • Specifically designed for men, reduces melanin production for a uniform skin tone
  • Provides moisture for refined skin texture
  • Manufactured by SK-II, originated in Japan
    • Introducing the SK-II MEN BRIGHTENING SERUM, a powerful and effective brightening serum for men. This exclusive formula contains Pitera®, a miracle ingredient that combines vitamins, minerals, organic and amino acids to enhance skin cell regeneration and address various skin concerns.
      With regular use, this serum will leave your skin smooth, elastic, bright, and crystal-clear. Its unique combination of Pitera™ and Vibrant Bright Complex™ works to improve skin tone and texture in just 4 weeks.
      Designed specifically for men, this serum reduces melanin production for a more uniform skin tone and provides essential moisture for a refined skin texture.
      Produced by SK-II, a trusted skincare brand from Japan, this serum is a part of their MEN line.
      Revive your skin's brightness and discover the benefits of this incredible product. Order now!