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SHISEIDO Ma Cherie END CURE MILK is a Moisturizing and regenerating lotion for hair, 100g

  • Moisturizing and regenerating lotion for hair
  • Strengthens and restores damaged hair and ends
  • Increases hair strength and reduces brittleness
  • Provides additional protection for hair fiber
  • Contains hyaluronic acid for intense hydration
  • Includes honey for healing effect and preventing split ends
  • Combats dryness and split ends with lactic acid
  • Floral and fruity fresh aroma
    • Introducing SHISEIDO Ma Cherie END CURE MILK – a moisturizing and regenerating lotion for hair, available in a convenient 100g size.

      Specifically designed for weakened hair, this milk formula works to restore and rejuvenate damaged hair and ends. It strengthens the hair from within while repairing the outer layer, resulting in stronger, less brittle hair. Additionally, it provides a thermoprotective effect and creates a protective film that shields the hair fiber from harmful elements.

      Enriched with hyaluronic acid, this lotion intensely moisturizes the hair, while honey delivers a healing effect and prevents split ends. Lactic acid effectively combats dryness and split ends, leaving the hair smooth, manageable, and elastic.

      Aside from its nourishing properties, this product has a delightful floral and fruity fresh aroma that will captivate your senses.

      To use, simply apply the lotion on your palm and evenly distribute it on the tips of your hair. Suitable for all hair types, it comes in a compact 100g bottle.

      Manufactured by SHISEIDO, a trusted brand in hair care, this product belongs to the Ma Cherie line. It originates from Japan, a country renowned for its innovative beauty products.

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      Experience the transformative power of SHISEIDO Ma Cherie END CURE MILK and achieve healthier, more beautiful hair.