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Shiseido Chomeiso Button Storm extract complex for strengthening the whole body for 30 days

  • Shiseido Chomeiso Complex with Button Storm extract
  • Strengthens the whole body for 30 days
  • Button Storm is a longevity grass rich in polyphenols
  • Contains chlorogenic acid that interferes with oxidation and aging of cells
  • Contains rutin that has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Button Storm is a high-nutritional value vegetable that prolongs youth
  • Contains Japanese gorilla powder, maltitol, trehalose, and calcium phosphate
  • Dissolve 1 sachet per day in 100 ml of water to consume
    • Introducing the Shiseido Chomeiso Complex with Button Storm Extract, designed to strengthen your entire body for a 30-day period. This incredible product features Button Storm, a resilient plant known as longevity grass which thrives in the challenging climate of Yonagujima, Okinawa Prefecture - Japan's westernmost island. Bursting with polyphenols like "chlorogenic acid" and "rutin," this extract not only supports women's beauty and health but also nurtures the body's natural strength.

      Chlorogenic acid possesses remarkable benefits such as inhibiting cell oxidation and aging. It also aids in reducing sugar levels, minimizing the risk of diabetes and normalizing blood pressure. Furthermore, its anti-inflammatory properties offer cellular-level protection against various diseases. Additionally, it generates beneficial metabolites that enhance blood vessel elasticity and activate transport functions.

      Rutin, a potent antioxidant even more powerful than quercetin, serves as another key ingredient. As one of the most extensively researched flavonoids, rutin exhibits formidable anti-aging properties while shielding cells against inflammation and potential carcinogens. Its wide-ranging effects contribute to safeguarding the heart, liver, brain, and bones.

      Known as the "energy vegetable," Button Storm boasts exceptional nutritional value, making it an excellent choice for enhancing health and prolonging youthfulness.

      The product contains Japanese gorilla powder, maltitol, trehalose, and calcium phosphate as the primary ingredients. Each stick provides the following nutritional information: energy - 9.1 kcal, protein - 0-0.8 g, fat - 0.075 g, carbohydrates - 2.4 g, and salt equivalent - 0.0051-0.041 g.

      To enjoy this rejuvenating complex, simply dissolve one sachet (3g) per day in approximately 100 ml of water.

      The package includes 30 sticks, providing a 30-day supply of this outstanding product. Shiseido, a reputable manufacturer, brings you the Chomeiso Button Storm Extract Complex, proudly made in Japan.