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Rohto V11 Anti-Fatigue Eye Drops, 13 ml

  • Rohto V11 Anti-Fatigue Eye Drops, 13 ml
  • Contains 11 active ingredients to relieve eye fatigue, itching, and flushing
  • Eliminates eye strain with a well-balanced combination of ingredients
  • Equipped with a convenient nozzle for easy instillation anywhere, anytime
  • Simply click the cap to open and close the bottle
  • Indicated for eye fatigue, lacrimal gland blockage, itchy eyes, prevention of eye diseases, eyelid inflammation, and inflammation caused by UV rays
  • Contains various ingredients to reduce inflammation, improve focus adjustment, nourish eye tissues, improve blood circulation, and promote cellular respiration
  • Application: 1-2 drops, 5-6 times a day. Contraindications and storage instructions provided
    • Introducing the Rohto V11 Anti-Fatigue Eye Drops, 13 ml! These eye drops are specially formulated with 11 active ingredients to effectively relieve eye fatigue, itching, and flushing. Say goodbye to eye strain with this well-balanced combination of ingredients.

      The convenient nozzle makes it easy to apply the drops whenever and wherever you need them. Simply click the cap once to the left to open the bottle, and click it once to the right to close it securely.

      These eye drops are indicated for various issues, including eye fatigue, blockage of the lacrimal glands, itchy eyes, prevention of eye diseases, inflammation of the eyelids, and inflammation caused by ultraviolet or other rays. They are also suitable for those wearing hard contact lenses who experience discomfort.

      The key ingredients in this formula include tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride for reducing eye inflammation, chlorpheniramine maleate for eliminating irritation and itching, neostigmine methyl sulfate for reducing eye fatigue, and Vitamin B6 for nourishing the eye tissues and improving metabolic processes. The drops also contain d-α-tocopherol acetate (natural vitamin E) for improving blood circulation, potassium L-Aspartate for promoting cellular respiration, taurine for promoting metabolism, allantoin for relieving inflammatory symptoms, zinc sulfate hydrate for relieving inflammation caused by UV rays, potassium glycyrrhizinate for suppressing inflammation, and chondroitin sodium sulfate for protecting the cornea and reducing eye fatigue.

      This product comes in a 13 ml volume and is manufactured by Rohto, a renowned company from Japan. Please note that it is important to consult your doctor before use. Keep the bottle in a cool place with the lid tightly closed, and avoid pouring the drops into another container. Keep out of reach of children. When instilling the drops, ensure the dropper does not come into contact with your eyelashes or fingers.

      Experience the relief from eye fatigue with the Rohto V11 Anti-Fatigue Eye Drops, 13 ml!