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Rohto Acnes 25 Medical acne cream

  • Rohto Acnes 25 Medical cream is an acne cream
  • It is designed for acne-prone skin in both teenagers and adults (25+)
  • Helps reduce inflammation, swelling, redness, and balance sebum secretion
  • Has the effect of reducing skin irritation and lightening the skin
  • Prevents scarring and new acne pimples from forming
  • Contains anti-inflammatory and bactericidal components
  • Volume: 16g
  • Manufactured by Rohto in Japan
    • Introducing the Rohto Acnes 25 Medical Acne Cream, a powerful solution for acne-prone skin. Specifically formulated for teenagers dealing with regular breakouts and adults aged 25 and above, this cream is designed to be both antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.

      With its unique blend of ingredients, this cream helps diminish inflammation, swelling, and redness while balancing sebum secretion. It effectively reduces the symptoms that cause skin irritation, lightens the skin tone, prevents scarring, and thwarts the formation of new acne pimples.

      To use, simply apply the cream 1-3 times daily on acne-affected areas. The key components of this cream include the anti-inflammatory compound ibuprofen Pico Nord and the bactericidal component isopropyl methyl phenol. It also contains ethanol, glycerin, diethylbenzene, polyoxyethylene hydrogenated castor oil, glycolic ether of salicylic acid, servicestart, carboxyvinyl polymers, squalane, triethanolamine, nicotinamide, soy lecithin, cholesterol, and sodium edetate.

      You'll receive a generous 16g volume of this potent acne cream. Manufactured by Rohto, a trusted brand from Japan known for its quality products. Say goodbye to acne and hello to clear, flawless skin with the Rohto Acnes 25 Medical Acne Cream.