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PIGEON Lotion-moisturizing baby lotion with ceramides, 120ml

  • PIGEON Lotion is a moisturizing baby lotion with ceramides
  • Developed for children’s skin with low acidity
  • Contains ceramides that retain moisture in the skin
  • Can be used by mothers before applying makeup
  • Tested for allergic reactions
  • Contains glycerin and olive oil for delicate baby skin
  • Suitable for children from birth
  • Does not contain dyes and fragrances
    • Introducing PIGEON Lotion - a nourishing baby lotion infused with ceramides, available in a convenient 120ml bottle.

      This lotion is specifically formulated for children's delicate skin, with a low acidity level that matches the pH of their skin. It is also suitable for mothers who want a gentle skincare routine before applying makeup.

      Enriched with ceramides, this lotion helps to lock in moisture and keep the skin hydrated. It contains glycerin and olive oil, ingredients known for their moisturizing properties. The low acidity level ensures that it can be used even on the youngest babies' skin, providing gentle care without any discomfort.

      Ceramides are essential components of the skin, protecting it from moisture loss and enhancing its elasticity. By using a lotion with ceramides, you are helping to safeguard your baby's skin and promote its overall health.

      This lotion also includes amino acids, which are easily absorbed by the skin and help to maintain hydration levels.

      Designed for the entire body, PIGEON Lotion is free from dyes and fragrances, making it suitable for sensitive skin. It has undergone allergic tests to ensure safety and compatibility.

      With its carefully selected composition, including glycerin, sorbitol, olive oil, and hyaluronic acid, this lotion provides optimal hydration. It also contains vitamins such as tocopherol (Vitamin E), known for its skin-nourishing properties.

      The PIGEON brand is known for its high-quality baby care products, and this lotion is no exception. Manufactured in Japan, it adheres to strict quality standards to provide the best care for your precious little one.

      Choose PIGEON Lotion-moisturizing baby lotion with ceramides, and give your baby's skin the tender care it deserves.