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Naishitoru 85 / 85 Aishiteru

  • Naishitoru 85 / 85 Aishiteru is a weight loss drug based on 18 herbs
  • It is effective in burning fat in the abdomen and hips
  • The supplement consists of 18 carefully selected plant extracts
  • It normalizes metabolic processes and improves metabolism and blood flow
  • It cleanses the intestines of toxins and relieves puffiness
  • Indications for use include weight loss, acne, high blood pressure, and excessive sweating
  • The recommended daily intake is 10 tablets divided by meals
  • Manufactured by Kobayashi pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in Japan
    • Product Title: Naishitoru 85 / 85 Aishiteru

      Product Description:
      Naishitoru 85 / 85 Aishiteru is a weight loss supplement that has gained popularity in Japan. This product is known for its effectiveness in targeting and burning fat in the abdomen and hips. It is formulated with a natural complex of 18 carefully selected plant extracts, making it one of the most sought-after ways to lose weight in Japan.

      The key to the effectiveness of Naishitoru 85 / 85 Aishiteru lies in its unique blend of 18 herbs. These herbs work together to normalize metabolic processes, improve metabolism, and enhance blood flow. They also assist in cleansing the intestines from toxins, breaking down fats in the abdomen and hips, and reducing puffiness.

      The composition of this product includes various plant extracts such as Angelica, peony, Gardenia, forsythia, mint, ephedra, ginger, Scutellaria root, rhubarb, bell, licorice, Rhodiola rosea, and more.

      Indications for use include weight management, acne control, regulation of high blood pressure, and reduction in excessive sweating.

      The packaging is available in two sizes: 280pcs and 140pcs.

      To use this product, adults above the age of 15 can take 5 tablets as one dose, 2 to 3 hours after eating. It is recommended to take two doses daily (10pcs in total), divided between meals. The tablets should be taken with plenty of water before or between meals.

      Naishitoru 85 / 85 Aishiteru is manufactured by Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a reputable company based in Japan.

      Experience the results of this highly effective weight loss supplement and discover the secret behind its popularity in Japan.