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MUJI Ryohin Foam Net mesh foam

  • Best mesh foam in Japan according to cosme.net
  • Combination of simplicity, high quality, and attention to detail
  • Made from a large piece of fine mesh netting
  • Secured with a solid ring for easy use
  • Comfortable to pull and squeeze foam into palm
  • Mesh length is 21 cm
  • Manufactured by MUJI
  • Made in Japan
    • Product Description:
      Introducing the MUJI Ryohin Foam Net mesh foam - an exceptional product regarded as the best in Japan, as acclaimed by cosme.net. This remarkable mesh foam stands out due to its perfect blend of simplicity, superior quality, and meticulous attention to detail. Crafted from a large piece of fine mesh netting, expertly folded in half and secured with a sturdy ring, it provides optimal comfort and convenience when dispensing foam onto your palm. The mesh length measures 21 cm, and it proudly bears the prestigious manufacturer label of MUJI from Japan, ensuring its unrivaled craftsmanship and reliability.