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Makeup base Fullmake Washable Base 35g, SHISEIDO

  • Makeup base that can be washed off with water
  • Released in December 2012
  • Attracts makeup and can be easily washed off with hot water (38 degrees or higher)
  • Light beige/ pinkish cream that evens out skin tone
  • Can be applied around the eyes and lips
  • Helps prevent makeup from getting stuck in pores
  • Eliminates the need for additional makeup remover
  • Conflicts with water-resistant tonal resources and sunscream
    • Product Description:
      Introducing the Makeup Base Fullmake Washable Base 35g by SHISEIDO. Maintaining the purity of your skin and preventing clogged pores is essential in Japanese skincare, which is why all makeup must be dissolved with a cleanser and washed away with water. But we understand that sometimes you may not have the time or energy for a thorough makeup removal process, resulting in compromised skin health.

      Now, with our revolutionary Base Shiseido FWB, you can apply high-quality makeup without worrying about the cleansing process. This breakthrough technology, released in December 2012, features special adhesive properties that attract makeup (concealer, powder, blush) while easily washing off with hot water (at least 38 degrees Celsius) without the need for additional cleansers.

      Despite its advanced technology, using the Base is actually quite simple. Its light beige, almost pinkish cream blends seamlessly into the skin, providing a subtle evenness to skin tone and texture. You can apply it around the eyes and lips, making it suitable for all areas of the face.

      When you apply this base followed by concealer and powder, and then wash with hot water, you'll notice that your skin is almost completely clear. The foundation does not cling to your pores and easily dissolves, leaving no trace. Without the base, you'll find it difficult to remove all traces of foundation, as it tends to create an indelible layer on the face.

      With the Makeup Base Fullmake Washable Base, you no longer need to rely solely on makeup removers. Simply wash your face with soap or foam after using the base. However, please note that this base may not be compatible with water-resistant foundation and sunscreen, so make sure to wash them off separately.

      Experience the convenience and effectiveness of the Makeup Base Fullmake Washable Base 35g by SHISEIDO, and achieve flawless skin with every makeup application.