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Lotion whitening Shiseido Aqua Label White

  • Lotion whitening Shiseido Aqua Label White
  • Aqua synergy formula allows deeper penetration into skin layers
  • Reduces skin pigmentation and brightens complexion
  • Rich in whitening and moisturizing ingredients
  • Inhibits appearance of new spots and freckles
  • Refreshes and makes skin more elastic and radiant
  • Volume of 200ml
  • Suitable for oily and combination skin (option I or symbol S) or dry and normal skin (option II or symbol R)
    • Introducing the Lotion Whitening Shiseido Aqua Label White, an advanced skincare product designed to give you a brighter and more radiant complexion. Our unique formula, Aqua synergy, allows the lotion to deeply penetrate the layers of your skin, targeting dry areas and providing intense moisture. This helps to reduce skin pigmentation and brighten your overall appearance.

      Enriched with powerful whitening and moisturizing ingredients, this luxurious lotion effectively inhibits the appearance of new spots and freckles. With regular use, your skin will feel refreshed, elastic, and visibly more radiant.

      Packaged in a convenient 200ml bottle, this lotion is easy to incorporate into your daily skincare routine. Simply apply it to your cleansed face, using gentle circular motions for optimal absorption.

      To cater to different skin types, we offer various options for oily, combination, dry, and normal skin. For oily and combination skin types, we recommend the I (1) or symbol S option. For dry and normal skin types, the II (2) or symbol R option is ideal.

      Experience the incredible results of the Lotion Whitening Shiseido Aqua Label White and unlock a brighter, more radiant complexion today.