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LION Ban Platinum Roll on deodorant that suppresses sweat odor

  • Premium roll-on deodorant
  • Effective against sweat odor
  • Strongest adhesion in Ban deodorant history
  • 3D sweat-blocking technology: prevents sweat from escaping, resists abrasion, kills odor-causing bacteria
  • Available in odorless and soap-scented variations
  • Application: apply to skin, let dry before putting on clothes
  • Volume: 40 ml
  • Manufactured in Japan by LION
    • Introducing LION Ban Platinum Roll on, the ultimate sweat-suppressing deodorant that keeps you fresh all day long. This premium roll-on is designed to specifically target and eliminate sweat odor, giving you the confidence you need.

      With its strongest adhesion in Ban deodorant history, LION Ban Platinum Roll on works directly on the skin to combat the source of unpleasant odor. The 3D sweat-blocking technology, powered by nano-ionic antiperspirant ingredient ACH, prevents sweat from escaping and causing odors and stains on clothing.

      Not only does this deodorant provide effective sweat protection, but its waterproof formula and highly adhesive ingredients ensure durability even with clothing and body movement. Say goodbye to abrasion caused by friction.

      LION Ban Platinum Roll on also contains germicidal ingredient IPMP, which kills odor-causing bacteria and prevents bad odors from forming. The harmonized aroma helps mask any remaining unpleasant odors, while the odor-absorbing component keeps you feeling fresh throughout the day.

      Choose between two variants - odorless or soap-scented - to suit your preference. Application is easy - simply remove the cap, turn the bottle upside down, and apply the desired amount onto the skin. Once dried, you can confidently put on your clothes.

      Each bottle of LION Ban Platinum Roll on contains 40 ml of product and is proudly manufactured in Japan by LION, a trusted brand known for its quality. Experience the power of Ban deodorant and stay odor-free all day long!