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KOSE LECHERI Glow Essence Stick, 9,5g

  • KOSE LECHERI Glow Essence Stick is a moisturizing stick for the face
  • It is part of the LECHERI anti-aging line from KOSE
  • The stick contains positively charged ionized capsules for deep penetration into the skin
  • It restores elasticity, tightens the skin, and improves radiance and freshness
  • The stick is suitable for mature and dull skin with signs of aging
  • Contains ingredients like blackcurrant fruit extract, sesame extract, and jojoba seed oil
  • Can be applied under or over makeup, suitable for daily use
  • Comes in a 9.5g size
    • Introducing the KOSE LECHERI Glow Essence Stick, 9.5g - a revolutionary skincare product designed to restore elasticity, tighten the skin, and enhance its radiance. As part of the new anti-aging line from KOSE, the LECHERI skincare series aims to nourish the skin, provide a lifting effect, intense hydration, and a healthy glow.

      At the core of this range are positively charged ionized capsules, developed by KOSE. These capsules utilize a unique phospholipid-based penetration technology to deliver beauty ingredients deep into the skin, effectively nourishing it and providing long-lasting moisture.

      The KOSE LECHERI Glow Essence Stick is specifically formulated for those with dull, aging skin lacking elasticity. This moisturizing stick-balm instantly enhances radiance and provides hydration to the skin. Its ingredients include microcrystalline wax, blackcurrant fruit extract, glycine, sesame extract, tocopherol, hydroxyproline, jojoba seed oil, litchi seed extract, water, phenoxyethanol, and aroma.

      To use, simply take a small amount of balm and apply it on the face using gentle motions. This product can be used on its own or as a base for makeup, making it suitable for daily use.

      The KOSE LECHERI Glow Essence Stick comes in a convenient 9.5g volume and is proudly manufactured by KOSE, a renowned skincare brand from Japan. Experience the transformative powers of the LECHERI line and discover the beauty of radiant and nourished skin.