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Kose Cosmeport Urumina+ Raw Glossy Skin Melty Stick Serum stick for moisturizing over makeup

  • Kose Cosmeport Urumina+ Raw Glossy Skin Melty Stick is a serum in stick form for moisturizing over makeup
  • Intensely moisturizes and adds shine to the skin
  • Soft and delicate fruity-floral aroma
  • Contains nanohyaluronic acid and nanocollagen for deep hydration
  • Argan oil and rosehip oil make the skin supple and radiant
  • Highly purified petroleum jelly protects the skin from external irritants
  • Can be used in various situations and before retouching makeup
  • Easy to carry and convenient for on-the-go use
  • Volume: 7 g
  • Country of origin: Japan
    • Introducing the Kose Cosmeport Urumina+ Raw Glossy Skin Melty Stick, a convenient and effective way to moisturize and add shine to your makeup.

      In today's world, wearing masks daily has become the norm, leading to dry, rough skin and ruined makeup. That's where the Raw Glossy Skin Melty Stick comes in. This stick serum has an intense moisturizing effect, providing your skin with much-needed hydration. Its soft and melting texture effortlessly glides over your makeup, leaving a radiant finish without any disruption.

      Formulated with nanohyaluronic acid and nanocollagen, this serum stick deeply penetrates and moisturizes the skin, leaving it plump and supple. Argan oil and rosehip oil further enhance the skin's radiance, giving you a fresh and healthy glow. Adding to its benefits, the stick contains highly purified petroleum jelly to shield the skin from external irritants. Centella Asiatica extract helps prevent inflammation and redness, ensuring your skin stays calm and balanced.

      The compact size of the stick makes it portable and perfect for on-the-go touch-ups. Apply it before touching up your makeup to achieve a smooth texture and enhance the adherence of foundation. You can also use it around your cheekbones to add a natural, three-dimensional glow to your finished look.

      Simply unscrew the stick approximately 2-3 mm and apply directly to the desired areas for moisturizing and adding shine. The Kose Cosmeport Urumina+ Raw Glossy Skin Melty Stick comes in a 7 g volume and is proudly manufactured in Japan. Take your skincare and makeup routine to the next level with this innovative stick serum.