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Kose Cosmeport Rose of Heaven FRAGRANCE BLOTTING PAPER Matting safekids person, 70pcs

  • Kose Cosmeport Rose of Heaven FRAGRANCE BLOTTING PAPER, 70pcs
  • Contains organic plant ingredients, no chemical admixtures
  • Contains natural Bulgarian rose oil
  • Absorbs excess sebum and sweat, leaves skin matte and silky
  • Honey, damask rose provides perfume and moisturizes skin
  • Cabbage rose extract tightens pores and tones skin
  • Marshmallow extract disinfects and soothes skin, promotes cell regeneration
  • Made in Japan, part of the Rose of Heaven line of products
    • Introducing the Kose Cosmeport Rose of Heaven FRAGRANCE BLOTTING PAPER Matting safekids person, 70pcs.

      Experience the heavenly scent of roses with the Rose of Heaven line from Kose Cosmeport. This collection is formulated with organic plant ingredients, free from any chemical additives. Infused with natural Bulgarian rose oil, known for its exceptional quality, these blotting papers truly provide a luxurious touch.

      These oil blotting sheets are perfect for absorbing excess sebum and sweat, leaving your face grease-free and matte. Not only do they help control oiliness, but they also impart a delightful rose fragrance that can instantly uplift your mood and relieve stress.

      Enriched with honey and damask rose, these papers not only perfume your skin but also provide hydration and softness. The cabbage rose extract, with its vitamin E, helps maintain moisture, tightens pores, and tones the skin. And with the addition of marshmallow extract, your skin will be soothed, disinfected, and benefit from improved cell regeneration and balanced sebum production.

      To use, simply take out a sheet and gently blot on any problem areas with excessive oil or makeup residue.

      These blotting papers are composed of 100% cellulose and are formulated with honey, damask rose, cabbage rose extract, marshmallow extract, and other high-quality ingredients. Manufactured by Kose Cosmeport, a trusted brand from Japan, known for its dedication to creating effective and luxurious beauty products.

      Discover the entire Rose of Heaven line from Kose Cosmeport, designed not only for your body but also for your hair. Experience the fortune of these exquisite products and elevate your beauty routine.