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Kanebo Coffret D'or Beauty Glamourous Mascara - Resistant mascara

  • Kanebo Coffret D’or Beauty Glamourous Mascara
  • Resistant mascara
  • Stays in perfect condition on lashes, even in hot weather
  • Maintains lash height and separation
  • Does not crumble or leave lumps
  • Easily soluble in warm water at 38C
  • Contains active care components for lashes
  • Available in black (BK-40) and brown (BR-27) colors
  • Manufactured by Kanebo in Japan
    • Introducing the Kanebo Coffret D'or Beauty Glamourous Mascara - Resistant mascara. This mascara is designed to stay intact even in hot weather, ensuring that your lashes remain volumized and separated throughout the day. With its long-lasting formula, it does not smudge, clump, or flake, giving you a flawless look. When it's time to remove the mascara, simply use warm water at 38°C - no additional tools required.
      This mascara is also enriched with a blend of active care ingredients for your lashes. Amino acids help restore the structure of your eyelashes, panthenol strengthens them, and collagen moisturizes and protects.
      Available in two colors - BK-40 black and BR-27 brown, this Kanebo product is proudly made in Japan. Check out the entire COFFRET D'OR line from Kanebo for more amazing beauty products.