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Hydrating serum with whitening effect Revital Granas Serum White , 30 ml, SHISEIDO

  • Hydrating serum with whitening effect
  • Contains hyaluronic acid, marine collagen, protein Fibrin 5, and an extract of winged bean
  • Strengthens the skin and prevents sagging
  • Moisturizes and destroys excess melanin
  • Suitable for normal skin
  • Made by SHISEIDO in Japan
  • Part of the Revital Granas line of luxury skincare
  • Apply after lotion with massage movements for 30 seconds
    • Introducing the Shiseido Revital Granas Serum White: a hydrating serum with a whitening effect. This luxurious product is part of the progressive Revital Granas line, which offers high-quality anti-aging skincare to promote firmness and elasticity.

      This serum features a unique formula that combines hyaluronic acid and marine collagen with key active ingredients such as protein Fibrin 5, responsible for maintaining elastic tissue, and an extract of winged bean that stimulates the production of Fibrin 5 in the skin. Additionally, it contains a rich botanical complex that strengthens the skin, preventing sagging and promoting a youthful appearance.

      With a focus on design and packaging, this line also includes branded perfumes and incredibly pleasant textures. The Revital Granas Serum White is designed to be applied after using lotion. It effectively moisturizes and strengthens the skin while combating excess melanin, leaving you with a fresh and rested appearance.

      To use, simply apply the serum using smoothing massage movements from the bottom-up, paying attention to the lower facial contour. The application time is only 30 seconds, making it quick and easy to include in your skincare routine.

      This serum is suitable for normal skin types and is proudly manufactured by Shiseido, a renowned Japanese brand. Discover the entire Revital Granas line from Shiseido and experience the benefits of this exceptional skincare range.

      Origin: Japan.