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Foam cleanser. SHISEIDO Hada Senka Perfect Whip

  • Famous facial wash
  • Creates a big wad of fluffy elastic foam
  • Cleanses the skin without drying
  • Contains amino acid composition
  • Has a light scent
  • Available in 120g and 15g volumes
  • Suitable for normal skin
  • Manufactured by SHISEIDO in Japan
    • Introducing the Foam Cleanser from SHISEIDO, Hada Senka Perfect Whip! This renowned facial wash creates a luxurious, fluffy elastic foam that effectively cleanses the skin without leaving it dry. Formulated with amino acids, it not only purifies but also nourishes the skin. With its light scent and efficient usage, this cleanser is a must-have for your skincare routine.

      Available in two sizes, 120g and 15g, this cleanser is designed to provide optimal results. To use, simply squeeze a small amount onto your palm, lather it up with the help of a soapy mesh for a rich and creamy foam, gently massage it onto your face, and rinse off with warm water.

      Perfectly suitable for normal skin types, this product is brought to you by the reputable brand SHISEIDO. Made in Japan, it guarantees quality and effectiveness.

      Check out the entire line of Hada Senka products from SHISEIDO by visiting the provided link. Elevate your skincare routine with the Foam Cleanser from Hada Senka Perfect Whip today!