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Fancl Of Tanaosi

  • Fancl Of Tanaosi is a product for those who frequently drink alcohol
  • Contains oyster and turmeric extracts to support liver health
  • Oyster extract is rich in nutrients and sesquiterpene lactones
  • Turmeric softens the effects of alcohol and contains glycogen and amino acids
  • Contains other ingredients such as milk thistle extract, silymarin, cysteine peptide, zinc, and selenium
  • Recommended dosage is up to 5 pieces a day
  • Precautions for hypersensitivity, phenylketonuria, renal impairment, pregnancy, and lactation
  • Not a drug, consult a doctor before use
  • Packaging includes 150 pieces for 30 days
  • Manufactured by FANCL in Japan
    • Introducing Fancl Of Tanaosi - the ideal solution for those who frequently consume alcohol but also prioritize their liver health. This powerful product combines the benefits of oysters and turmeric to provide you with the ultimate support you need.

      Extracted from oysters, also known as the milk of the sea, this supplement is packed with essential nutrients, including sesquiterpene lactones which have potential therapeutic properties. Alongside this, turmeric softens the impact of alcohol while providing glycogen, amino acids, and a rich content of zinc, which has been highly regarded as a valuable nutrient since ancient times.

      With each serving containing 75 mg of turmeric extract, 11 mg of sesquiterpene lactones, 100 mg of meat extract from oysters, 323 mg of milk thistle extract, 210 mg of silymarin, 8 mg of cysteine peptide, 6 mg of zinc, and 12 mg of selenium, this unique blend is carefully formulated to provide comprehensive support for your liver.

      To enjoy its benefits, simply consume up to 5 pieces of Fancl Of Tanaosi per day. However, please exercise caution if you have hypersensitivity, phenylketonuria, significant renal impairment, or if you are pregnant or lactating. As always, it is advisable to consult your doctor before starting any new supplement.

      Packaged in a box of 150 pieces, which will last you for 30 days, Fancl Of Tanaosi is proudly manufactured by FANCL in Japan. Trust the expertise from the country renowned for its innovation and quality.

      Please note that Fancl Of Tanaosi is not a drug but a dietary supplement.