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FANCL Memory support

  • FANCL Memory support is a 30-day course product
  • Contains flavonoid glycosides and terpene lactones derived from ginkgo biloba
  • Enhances memory and concentration
  • Maintains proper blood flow to the brain
  • Increases brain activity and mental clarity
  • Contains ferulic acid, a powerful herbal antioxidant
  • Includes vital B vitamins involved in cellular processes
  • Take 2 pieces a day with water at any time
    • Product Title: FANCL Memory Support

      Product Description:
      Introducing FANCL Memory Support - a 30-day course designed to enhance your cognitive function and support your memory.

      This product contains a powerful combination of flavonoid glycosides and terpene lactones derived from ginkgo biloba. These natural compounds have been shown to retain memory capacity, which tends to decline with age in older adults. By acting as memory enhancers, they help you remember words, numbers, and other important information. Additionally, they promote proper blood flow to the brain, increase brain activity, and contribute to maintaining mental clarity.

      Ferulic acid, a potent herbal antioxidant, is also included in this formula. It provides a range of benefits such as improving overall body condition, enhancing cellular metabolism, slowing down age-related changes, increasing concentration, and protecting the body from the negative effects of the environment.

      Furthermore, FANCL Memory Support contains essential B vitamins that play a vital role in all cellular processes.

      Each serving of this product includes 7.2 mg of terpene lactone obtained from ginkgo biloba, 28.8 mg of flavonoid glycosides, 100 mg of ferulic acid, 2.0 mg of vitamin B6, 6.0 μg of vitamin B12, 25.0 μg of vitamin D, and 400 μg of folic acid.

      To reap the benefits, simply take 2 pieces of FANCL Memory Support daily with water at any time. One pack will last you for a month.

      Experience the excellence of Japanese manufacturing with FANCL, the trusted manufacturer of this product.

      Originating from Japan, FANCL Memory Support is your solution for better memory and cognitive function.