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Fancl Healthy knees, 1 month

  • Suitable for those concerned about healthy knee joints
  • Contains proteoglycan and type II collagen
  • Unique production method provides enough active substances for daily needs
  • Derived from salmon nasal cartilage
  • Clinical trials confirm effectiveness
  • Not a drug, consult doctor before use
  • 1 capsule per day
  • Made by FANCL in Japan
    • Introducing Fancl Healthy Knees Food Supplement, specially designed to support healthy knee joints. This product is perfect for individuals who experience knee discomfort due to excessive physical activity or even inactivity. Without proper training, any amount of strain can be detrimental to your knees, whether it's long walks, frequent stair climbing, or engaging in sports.
      Our advanced formula, backed by clinical trials, contains two key components crucial for joint health: proteoglycan and type II collagen. These ingredients are derived from salmon nasal cartilage and are combined in a unique production method by Fancl. One capsule contains a sufficient amount of active substances to meet your daily needs.
      Proteoglycan is rich in protein and chondroitin sulfate, which provides excellent water-holding ability and elasticity, while also absorbing shocks. Type II collagen, found in the skin, cartilage, and joints, is essential for maintaining their structure and normal functionality.
      To ensure our product's effectiveness, Fancl conducts clinical trials and evaluates the results using the JOA medical evaluation system. Our supplement has been proven to alleviate discomfort in the knee, with a total score of four points.
      Please note that Fancl Healthy Knees Food Supplement is not a drug, and it is recommended to consult with your doctor before use. Simply take one capsule daily, and enjoy the benefits of healthier knees.
      Each pack contains 30 capsules, and it is proudly manufactured by Fancl, a trusted brand from Japan.