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FANCL BRAINs Memory and Cognitive Improvement, 1 month

  • FANCL BRAINs is a drug that improves memory and cognitive functions
  • Based on bacopa saponins
  • Bacopa saponins support memory function and mental abilities
  • Contains bitter acid from aged hops to maintain attention and information processing abilities
  • Prolongs the period of active mental activity
  • Directions: take 4 tablets daily with water in several doses
  • Composition: 15mg Bacopa Saponin, 35mg Aged Hops Bitter Acid per 4 tablets per day
  • Contraindications: individual intolerance, pregnancy, breastfeeding, not suitable for children
  • Volume: 120 tablets for 1 month
  • Manufacturer: FANCL
  • Country of origin: Japan
    • Introducing FANCL BRAINs Memory and Cognitive Improvement, 1 month supply.

      Enhance your memory and cognitive functions with FANCL BRAINs. This specially formulated product is based on bacopa saponins, derived from a perennial herbaceous plant known for its memory support and mental abilities.

      As we age, our ability to remember information tends to decline. That's where bacopa saponins come in. These powerful ingredients improve your ability to recall and retain information, boosting your cognitive function.

      But that's not all. FANCL BRAINs also contains bitter acid obtained from aged hops, which helps maintain your attention span, multitasking skills, and information processing abilities. These abilities often deteriorate with age, but FANCL BRAINs can help you keep them sharp.

      Experience prolonged periods of active mental activity with FANCL BRAINs, allowing you to fully enjoy life without any anxieties or inconveniences.

      Directions for use: Take 4 tablets daily with water, preferably in multiple doses throughout the day.

      Each daily serving of 4 tablets includes 15mg of Bacopa Saponin and 35mg of Aged Hops Bitter Acid.

      Please note that FANCL BRAINs is not recommended for those with individual intolerance to the ingredients, as well as pregnant or breastfeeding women. It is also not suitable for children.

      This package contains 120 tablets, providing you with a one-month supply of FANCL BRAINs.

      Manufactured by FANCL, a renowned company based in Japan.

      Take control of your cognitive function and memory with FANCL BRAINs. Try it today!