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DHC Vitamins for dogs, joint health, 60pcs

  • DHC Vitamins for dogs, joint health, 60pcs
  • Specifically formulated for old large breed dogs or medium-sized dogs with joint ailments
  • Contains chondroitin and glucosamine to improve joint health
  • Helps improve mobility and reduces pain in dogs with joint issues
  • Can be used for small dogs and cats as well
  • Suitable for aging pets with joint diseases
  • Daily dosage based on the weight of the dog
  • Made with a composition of chondroitin protein complex, brewer’s yeast, Garasupu, olive fruit extract, glucosamine, cellulose, and other ingredients
  • Not suitable for dogs under 3 months and individuals with allergies to the product’s components
  • Manufactured by DHC in Japan
  • Comes in a 60pc package
    • Product Name: DHC Joint Health Vitamins for Dogs - 60pcs


      DHC Joint Health Vitamins for Dogs is specially formulated to support the joint health of older large and medium-sized breed dogs. It is common for these dogs to experience joint ailments that can cause discomfort and difficulty in movement, especially in the morning or during unfavorable weather conditions. Some dogs may have trouble climbing stairs or getting into cars. While aspirin or ibuprofen may provide temporary relief, the pain usually returns once the medication is stopped. These joint issues are not exclusive to large dogs, as small dogs and cats can also benefit from the active ingredients found in this supplement.

      Many aging pets suffer from joint diseases and require the support of key components like chondroitin and glucosamine. Joint damage can occur in different parts of the spine, but the hip joint is most commonly affected. Large animals, in particular, are prone to hip dysplasia, which causes the cartilage to wear out quickly, resulting in inflammation and diminished mobility. Taking care of your pet's joint health is crucial as arthritis can significantly limit their overall mobility and vitality.

      The daily dosage of DHC Joint Health Vitamins for Dogs is based on the weight of the dog.

      Each supplement contains a combination of chondroitin protein complex, brewer's yeast, Garasupu (pig, chicken), olive fruit extract, glucosamine (shrimp, derived from crab), cellulose, esters of sucrose and fatty acids, tricalcium phosphate, and d- & gamma-tocopherol.

      This product is not suitable for dogs under 3 months of age. If your pet is allergic to any of the ingredients, please keep the product away from children.

      Volume: 60pcs

      Manufacturer: DHC

      Country of Origin: Japan