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DHC Vitamin C for 60 days

  • Natural Vitamin C derived from corn
  • Powerful antioxidant, regulates redox processes
  • Involved in collagen synthesis, iron metabolism, and blood formation
  • Protects against stress and enhances reparative processes
  • Contains vitamin B2
  • Each grain contains vitamin C equivalent to 33 lemons
  • Take 2 pills per day, morning and evening with water
  • 120 pills for 60 days, manufactured by DHC in Japan
    • Introducing DHC Vitamin C - 60 Day Supply

      Experience the power of natural Vitamin C with DHC Vitamin C for 60 days. Derived from corn, this antioxidant-rich supplement offers a wide range of benefits for your body.

      Vitamin C is known for its role in regulating redox processes and is involved in important functions such as collagen synthesis, metabolism of folic acid and iron, and the synthesis of crucial hormones. It also plays a role in blood clotting, capillary permeability, and blood formation, while having anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects.

      Furthermore, Vitamin C acts as a powerful shield against stress, promoting reparative processes and boosting your body's resistance to infections. Take note, smokers and older individuals have an increased need for Vitamin C, as one smoked cigarette destroys 25 mg of this essential nutrient.

      But that's not all - DHC Vitamin C also contains Vitamin B2, and each grain of this supplement packs the Vitamin C content of approximately 33 lemons!

      Ingredients include Vitamin C, gelatin, and dyes (caramel and titanium oxide), along with Vitamin B2.

      Each day, simply take 2 DHC Vitamin C tablets, one in the morning and one in the evening, with water. With a 120 pill supply, this product will last you a full 60 days.

      Trust DHC, a renowned manufacturer from Japan, and make the most of the incredible benefits of Vitamin C with DHC Vitamin C for 60 days. Order yours today!