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DHC Polyphenols, 30 days

  • Polyphenols have beneficial effects on the human body, acting as antioxidants and stimulating cell regeneration
  • Polyphenols reduce fat absorption and detoxify the body
  • Polyphenols have a diuretic effect and provide a feeling of fullness with low calorie intake
  • Polyphenols weaken the harmful effects of oxygen free radicals and reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease
  • Contains polyphenols from primrose seeds, apples, tea, and red wine
  • Ingredients include evening primrose oil, green tea extract, red wine extract powder, and apple extract
  • Each tablet weighs 405 mg and the overall weight of the product is 36.5 g
  • Recommended dosage is 3 tablets per day with certain precautions for individual intolerance, phenylketonuria, severe renal impairment, pregnancy, and lactation. Consult a doctor before use
    • DHC Polyphenols, 30 days is a product that harnesses the power of polyphenols found in various plants to provide numerous benefits to the body. These polyphenols work as antioxidants, promote cell regeneration, aid in muscle development during exercise, and prevent fat accumulation around organs.

      Studies have shown that polyphenols have a dual action of reducing fat absorption while detoxifying the body. They also have a slight diuretic effect and the fiber they contain promotes a feeling of fullness with minimal calories.

      The antioxidant properties of polyphenols help combat the harmful effects of oxygen free radicals, which can contribute to the development of cancer cells. Additionally, they have been found to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease by reducing lipid oxidation in the blood and lowering cholesterol levels.

      DHC Polyphenols, 30 days contains polyphenols extracted from evening primrose seeds, apples, tea, and red wine. These ingredients, along with evening primrose oil which contains γ-linolenic acid, green tea extract rich in catechin, and red wine extract powder, offer a potent blend of polyphenols for maximum benefits.

      Each bottle contains 90 tablets, with a total weight of 36.5g. Each tablet weighs 405mg. The nutritional information per tablet includes 7.2 kcal of energy, 0.34g of protein, 0.52g of fat, 0.28g of carbohydrates, 0.003g of salt equivalent, 75mg of apple polyphenol, 48mg of total catechins from green tea extract, 30mg of red wine extract powder (with 18% total polyphenol content), and 35mg of γ-linolenic acid.

      The recommended dosage is 3 tablets per day. However, individuals with specific medical conditions such as phenylketonuria, severe renal impairment, or those who are pregnant or lactating should consult a doctor before use. It is important to note that DHC Polyphenols, 30 days is not a drug.

      The product is manufactured by DHC, a reputable company, and originates from Japan. With DHC Polyphenols, 30 days, you can enjoy the benefits of polyphenols for overall well-being and a healthier body.