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DHC Lip Color Cream Color cream lip balm, 1.5 R

  • DHC Lip Color Cream is a color cream lip balm
  • Provides long-lasting moisture for luscious lips
  • Available in three shades: Apricot, Pink (sold out), and Red (sold out)
  • Contains ingredients like olive oil, jojoba oil, medow oil, and squalane for moisturizing and soothing lips
  • Includes placenta extract for maintaining healthy lips
  • Creates a translucent shine and increases lip volume
  • Made in Japan by the manufacturer DHC
  • Volume: 1.5 R
    • Product Description: DHC Lip Color Cream is a moisturizing lip balm that delivers long-lasting hydration for irresistibly smooth lips. Available in three stunning shades, this lip cream is perfect for adding a touch of color to your everyday look.

      Infused with nourishing ingredients like olive oil, jojoba oil, meadow oil, and squalane, this lip balm instantly and continuously moisturizes and soothes your lips. The added placenta extract helps to maintain the health and vitality of your lips, keeping them looking beautiful.

      Not only does this cream lip balm provide hydration, it also gives your lips a translucent shine and enhances their volume. Say goodbye to dry and lackluster lips, and hello to a plump and luscious pout.

      The composition of this lip color cream includes beneficial ingredients such as castor oil, candelilla wax, beeswax, and tocopherol, among others, all working together to provide the best care for your lips.

      Currently available shades include the vibrant apricot shade, perfect for a pop of color. Unfortunately, the popular pink and red shades are currently sold out.

      Experience the luxurious moisture and vibrant color of DHC Lip Color Cream. Each tube contains a volume of 1.5 R, and it is proudly manufactured in Japan by DHC.