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Cream for oily skin PairAcne 14гр.

  • Cream for oily skin
  • Combines the action of thymol and ibuprofen
  • Beneficial bactericidal effect
  • Accelerates maturation and release of pustules and inflammation of acne
  • Light consistency, white color, odorless
  • Volume: 14g
  • Suitable for problem skin
  • Manufactured by LION in Japan
    • Introducing our Cream for Oily Skin - PairAcne 14g! This highly effective cream harnesses the power of thymol (3 mg) and ibuprofen (30 mg) to combat acne. Thymol acts as a potent bactericidal agent, while ibuprofen accelerates the maturation and release of pesky pimples and reduces inflammation. With its lightweight texture and colorless, odorless formula, this cream is a seamless addition to your skincare routine.

      Our PairAcne Cream is available in a convenient 14g tube. Simply apply it directly to the affected area for targeted treatment. It is gentle on the skin, causing no stinging or irritation, and blends seamlessly into the complexion for an invisible finish.

      Tailored for problem skin, our PairAcne Cream is manufactured by LION and hails from Japan, known for their outstanding skincare products. Trust in the power of PairAcne to help you achieve clear, healthy skin.