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Cream cleanser - cream ROHTO Acnes face wash, medicated

  • Cream cleanser for young problem skin
  • Does not contain fats, alcohol, or dyes
  • Cleanses, mattifies, and has a healthy skin effect
  • Volume: 130 ml
  • Application: squeeze a small amount, gently massage on face, rinse well with warm water
  • Composition: non-corrosive antibacterial components (thymol, licorice extract, vitamins C and E, fruit acids)
  • Suitable for young skin, problem skin
  • Contraindications: individual intolerance of product components
    • The Cream Cleanser - Rohto Acnes Face Wash is specially formulated to cater to young problem skin. This product is free from fats, alcohol, and dyes, and it has a mild citrus fragrance. The cleanser effectively cleans and mattifies the skin, and it can be easily rinsed off with water, leaving a healthy and refreshed complexion.

      With a volume of 130 ml, the Cream Cleanser should be applied by squeezing a small amount onto the face and gently massaging it in. Afterward, rinse thoroughly with warm water.

      The composition of this cleanser includes non-corrosive antibacterial components such as thymol, licorice extract, vitamins C and E, and fruit acids. It is suitable for young and problem skin types. However, individuals with an intolerance to any of the product's components should refrain from its use.

      The Cream Cleanser is manufactured by Rohto Pharmaceutical, a reputable company based in Japan. It is interesting to note that the product is part of the Japanese beauty rituals and their system of facial care, which emphasizes a two-stage cleansing routine.

      Achieve clean and healthy skin with the Cream Cleanser - Rohto Acnes Face Wash.