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Cleansing foam KOSE Cosmeport SOFTYMO Speedy

  • Cleansing foam for soft and thorough cleansing of the skin
  • Removes sebum, dust, and dirt from pores
  • Contains chamomile and sage extracts for moisturizing and soothing the skin
  • Free of parabens and dyes
  • Floral-fruity fragrance
  • Suitable for normal skin
  • Made in Japan
  • Part of the Softymo line from KOSE Cosmeport
    • Introducing the Cleansing Foam KOSE Cosmeport SOFTYMO Speedy - your go-to product for a soft and thorough cleanse. Its purifying formula is designed to effectively remove sebum, dust, and dirt from your pores, leaving your skin feeling refreshed.

      With the convenient pump dispenser, the cleanser instantly transforms into a fluffy foam, making application a breeze. The addition of chamomile and sage extracts not only moisturizes your skin but also provides a soothing effect, taking care of your skin gently.

      This cleansing foam is free from parabens and dyes, ensuring a safe and gentle experience. Plus, it offers a delightful floral-fruity fragrance that enhances your overall cleansing routine.

      Formulated with water, DPG, K Cocoyl glycine, sorbitol, Cocoate, laurylether, lipsticks, chamomile extract, sage leaf extract, and more, this product ensures effective cleansing without compromising your skin's health.

      When it comes to washing your face, a fine-grained foam is considered to be the best option. It delivers a superior cleansing experience without leaving your skin feeling dry or tight. Say goodbye to any post-cleansing discomfort!

      Suitable for normal skin, this cleansing foam is part of the renowned SOFTYMO series by KOSE Cosmeport. Treat yourself to the entire line of products to complete your skincare routine.

      Originating from Japan, this high-quality cleansing foam is brought to you by KOSE Cosmeport, a trusted manufacturer in the beauty industry.

      Get the cleansing results you desire with the Cleansing Foam KOSE Cosmeport SOFTYMO Speedy. Order yours now!